Communities in Peril: The Need for Agrochemical Corporate Accountability in Asia

This report presents the results of a wide-ranging survey of how pesticides are used in the field by communities in Asia. It shows that highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) are routinely used in unsafe situations, where those applying pesticides do not protect themselves and none of those involved in the survey wore personal protective equipment (PPE) that met standards.  These HHPs are also used under conditions that presents a high level of exposure including spillages, while mixing, spraying and/or loading; non-observance of the wind direction; poor storage and disposal practices; and the lack of training on pesticides use and access to pesticide labels.  In addition, the lack of medical facilities near the fields and medical support in case of pesticide poisonings.

Date Published:
June 5, 2018

Download Here (PDF | 6.417Mb)

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