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Rural Women’s Rights to Land and Resources

Rural women are important to food security and agricultural development as seed savers,  land tillers, community leaders and family managers.

They ensure there’s food for the family and they contribute directly to the family income. Yet, they remain marginalised and their roles seriously and continuously eroded by various threats on land, seeds, water and other productive resources, which are crucial for rural communities who depend on these to survive.

For instance, land grabbing by corporations and states is a serious threat to land tillers around the globe particularly women land tillers in rural regions.

Against this landscape, the 16 Days of Global Action serves to strengthen rural women’s assertions and claims to their rights to land and resources.

This global action helps raise public awareness, highlight specific impacts of land and resource grabbing on rural women, and inform and forward rural women’s agenda and demands to opinion and policy makers.

In various emphatic and creative ways, rural women, partner and network groups through this global action prove themselves more than equal to these tasks.

The 16 Days of Global Action brought together different women’s groups, movements, cultures and countries in various assertive and creative means, which is momentous in many ways.

The most important of which is rural women taking action and leadership in their particular contexts, fully aware that they are rising up in solidarity with other rural women around the globe for common demands and against common adversaries.

Our Campaign Aims

  1. Raise awareness to the broad public about the leadership, roles and assertion of rights of rural women;
  2. Highlight the specific impacts of land and resource grabbing on rural women;
  3. Inform and forward rural women’s agenda and demands on food security and agricultural development to various opinion makers and policy makers.


Plan a collective action or activity any day from October 1 to 16. Get together with other women’s group, farmers’ organization, or similar advocacy groups in your country. Use the following hashtags: #RuralWomenRiseup #NoLandNoLife when you tweet or share on social media about our work. Or submit a short feature story (maximum 150 words) with photos of a rural woman leader or a successful rural campaign to: nolandnolife@panap.net

Help us promote our cause and mission on social media. When you share photos or updates, remember to add the hashtag #RuralWomenRiseup #NoLandNoLife to help our campaigns go further and get more support. We thank you for your help!

We hope you feel as strongly as we do about rural women and their rights to land and life. If you feel outraged and want to lobby others to do the same, sign our global petition and help rural women defend and assert their land rights. Sign today!

Donate generously to help fund activities and printed materials that will help spread and increase public awareness on the issue of rural women and their rights to land and resources. Thank you!

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