Water Contamination in Cameron Highlands

In November 2014, a research conducted by University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) found widely banned pesticides in treated and surface water in rivers in Cameron Highlands, Pahang. The video revealed the pesticides issue happened in Cameron Highlands and its impacts to human health and the environment.

Agroecology in Action: The Women of Kampong Speu, Cambodia

In the villages of Samrong Tong, district of Kampong Speu province, Cambodia, women vegetable farmers are at the forefront of promoting agroecology. In this short documentary, watch how the Women Organic Vegetable Producer Group, with the support of the Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC), are able to improve their health and livelihood through sustainable organic farming.

Defend food sovereignty! Strengthen community resilience amid climate crisis!

From 1-16 October, 34 organisations of farmers, rural women and advocacy groups from 17 countries across the globe have responded to the most urgent crises faced by small-scale farmers and food producers, especially in poor countries- climate change, hunger, food insecurity, and land grabbing through PAN Asia Pacific’s “16 Days of Global Action on Land and Resources”.

Talk on phasing out highly hazardous pesticides with agroecology

The talk by Dr Meriel Watts, a farmer-scientist-advocate, shows the relationship of science, practice and movement-building in agroecology. Listen to her speak as she emphasizes agroecology giving importance to farmers’ and communities’ control over their own farms and food supply, whilst providing enough healthy food to feed the world without destroying the environment. She also outlines the 7 core principles in agroecological farming practice, which is strongly discussed in her book, Phasing Out Highly Hazardous Pesticides With Agroecology.

Tackling the Accountability Gap of TNCs

This video presents a practical guide on the legal tools available to hold pesticide companies accountable for health and environmental damages caused by the indiscriminate use of their products.
Key areas of judicial and non-judicial intervention are:

  • Public law: legal action against governments
  • Private law: legal action against companies
  • International mechanisms: strategies for the UNFAO, Stockholm Convention, and Rotterdam Convention

Our Stories, One Journey

The Women’s Travelling Journal: Empowering Rural Women in Asia on Food Sovereignty

Watch the video as rural women from 11 countries share their stories in a journal that travelled from one country to another. It is a narration of daily life and struggles of rural women on land, food and agriculture. Be inspired to hear their stories of resistance, resilience and change, all testament to women’s leadership and collective action.

For more information about the Women’s Travelling Journal, visit http://travellingjournal.asianruralwomen.net/


Youth farmer speaks up!

Andrew Vellusamy is a young farmer from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. He works on his father’s farm cultivating vegetables for local markets. He is keen to be a farmer in the future. Please hear his perspective on farming in Malaysia.