For Land, Rights and Resources: Stories of Resistance


With the objectives of contributing to the campaign against land and resource grabbing and supporting grassroots action in Asia, PAN AP and its partners embarked on a three-year collaborative project (2011-2013) that included the documentation of case studies on land grabbing. This led to the publication of the book “Building Community Resistance against Land Grabbing: Documentation of Cases in Selected Communities in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia and the Philippines”. A useful reference material, the book is remarkable as it involved the direct participation of community-based organizations in documenting, investigating and writing their respective cases of land grabbing and the struggles they waged to defend their rights. It is also a part of our education and information efforts under the “No Land, No Life” campaign, which aims to highlight land and resource grabbing as a form of human rights violation.

Download Here (PDF | 500Kb)