A Community-based Pesticide Action Monitoring Report by the Hai Hau’s Women’s Pioneer Group, Women’s Union of Hai Hau & CGFED

Short Description:
Since 2010, women in Hai Hau have been part of an ongoing training and awareness raising activities on pesticides risk reduction, community-based pesticide monitoring (CPAM) and agroecological methods and leadership. Some of them later formed the Women’s Pioneer Group in Hai Hau district with the support of the Women’s Union of Hai Hau district. Concerned about the impacts of pesticides on their community, about 30 key farmers from 10 communes from the group conducted a CPAM survey on 300 farmers (126 males and 194 females) and pesticide sellers. This was their first attempt to have women farmers undertake a CPAM survey for local advocacy. The survey was conducted in an area in Hai Hau where high-yielding rice and vegetables are grown.

Date Published:
December 30, 2015

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