#NoLandNoLife | 140 anti-land grab activists, farmers killed in less than three months: Alarm raised over killings in Ethiopia

Press Release

15 January 2016

PENANG, Malaysia – Regional advocacy group PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) raised alarm over the current state of human rights in Ethiopia. According to a report by Human Rights Watch, 140 protesters have been allegedly killed in a crackdown against land grab protesters since November 2015.

Photo by: bbc.com

The victims are said to be opposing the “Addis Ababa master plan” where thousands of farmers are at risk to bedisplaced. The protesters are calling for the cancellation of the said project.

PANAP said that such magnitude of political killings in less than three months is shocking and deplorable, to say the least. It called for a thorough and credible investigation of the alleged killings and make those responsible behind the atrocities to account for their crimes. It also said that it is wise for the government to suspend the contentious project to avoid the further escalation of the conflict.

The group added that if the number of reported killings in Ethiopia is true, it will easily eclipse the total number of killings related to land struggles and conflicts that PANAP has monitored for the entire 2015 – 61 victims of political killings in 14 countries.

All in all, PANAP has monitored over 4,000 victims of human rights violations in the context of land and resources grabbing through its Land & Rights Watch (LR Watch). L&R Watch is an initiative under the No Land, No Life! campaign initiated by PANAP and its partners in the region to regularly monitor and report human rights abuses against communities opposing land and resource grabbing.

The Penang-based group asserted that the people’s rights to land and resources should be respected and upheld at all times and should never be compromised or undermined by so-called development programs and projects. ###

Reference: Sarojeni Rengam, nolandnolife@panap.net