Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Towards The Use of Chlorpyrifos and Paraquat and Their Impact On Human Health and The Environment

Short Description:
Though the two pesticides paraquat and chlorpyrifos are highly toxic and widely used in Vietnam’s agriculture, their adverse impacts on people, animals, beneficial insects andthe environment find no mention in the training courses on pesticide use in agriculture conducted by government agencies. The media meanwhile day and night advertise the “benefits” of using these chemicals, which leads to their overuse and resistance by pests, and consequently an increase in plant diseases. Even so, farmers who grow rice, fruit and vegetables have generally depended on these pesticides to “ensure good yields”. To know more about the processes by which farmers learn about these chemicals and use them in the field, it is necessary to study their ‘knowledge, attitude and practice’ (KAP) in using pesticides in general and paraquat and chlorpyrifos in particular. The result of the study will reflect how farmers use the chemicals, as well as help find out the factors that influence their choice of highly poisonous chemicals with harmful impacts on human health and the environment.

Date Published:
July 27, 2016

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