FAO Code Monitoring Module: An updated users’ guide to monitoring the implementation of the FAO/WHO International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management


In this toolkit we share tools and experience to help concerned organisations to monitor the compliance of FAO Code by governments and industry players. The survey can be conducted regularly – say every two to three years – in order to identify areas where progress has been made and others where more effort is needed. The results can be compiled in a report for distribution to the FAO, government bodies, Secretariats of the Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions, international organisations and other civil society organisations. This module presents a monitoring survey checklist, how to fill-in the checklist and monitor the provisions to ensure uniformity in the interpretation of survey data. However, only selected provisions of the FAO Code were chosen – provisions whose violations were highlighted in the Asian Regional Report, those that would make the most impact among farming communities or practical to monitor in Asia. Furthermore, the module should help ensure the sustainability of future surveys by becoming an integral part of training programmes for researchers.

Date Published:
August 1, 2016

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