Handbook for Community Based Pesticide Action Monitoring, Corporate Accountability and International Advocacy: Children’s Exposure to Pesticides


Questionnaire 6: Children’s Exposure to Pesticides section of the Community-based Pesticide Action Monitoring (CPAM). PANAP is documenting first-hand accounts about children’s exposure to pesticides and how this exposure affects them. The information we gather will directly inform our regional campaign to limit the exposure of children and their communities to highly hazardous pesticides (most of which are still in use throughout Asia despite international calls to ban these toxic chemicals). The questionnaire has three parts: (1) exposure to pesticides as well as their use and management by the school/agricultural community; (2) Child/individual interview; and (3) community health concerns. Your responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality. If you wish to remain anonymous or submit a pseudonym, you may do so.

Date Published:
August 23, 2016

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