Land & Rights Watch: Yearend Report 2017

PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP), through the reports of our partners and networks and based on our regular monitoring of news and developments, has recorded a total of 142 cases of human rights violations related to land conflicts and struggles in 21 countries from various regions covering the period January 1 to November 30, 2017:

  • Seventy-three were cases of killings; 43 of arrest, detention, and legal persecution (or the use of courts for intimidation or repression); 17 of threats, harassment, and physical assault; and 9 of displacement
  • The 73 cases of killings claimed the lives of 116 individuals, 71 of whom were farmers and farmworkers; 23 were land activists; and 21 were indigenous peoples. Of the total number of victims, 100 or 86% were men, while 12 or 10% were women
  • The Philippines recorded the most number of cases and victims of killings related to land conflicts and struggles: 51 cases and 61 victims, followed by Brazil with 5 cases and 22 victims. Killings were also recorded in Mexico (7 victims, 3 cases); Peru (6 victims, 1 case); Colombia (5 victims, 4 cases); India (5 victims, 2 cases); Uganda (3 victims, 1 case); Guatemala (2 victims, 2 cases); Myanmar (2 victims, 2 cases); Turkey (2 victims, 1 case); and Venezuela (1 victim, 1 case)
  • In terms of threats, harassment, and physical assault, there were 17 cases and 45 victims monitored this year. Of the total number of victims, 14 were indigenous peoples, 26 were farmers and farmworkers, and 4 were land activists
  • Of the 52 cases of human rights violations with identified industries and investments involved, 25 cases or more than half involved mining companies; 15 in plantations; 4 in energy; 3 in infrastructure development; 3 in real estate development; and 1 each in tourism and logging
  • Most of the human rights violations monitored were reportedly perpetrated by state security forces: the military, police, and paramilitary were involved in at least 7 out of 10 cases (i.e., 96 out of 142 total cases of violations). State security forces committed 55% of the total number of cases of killings; 98% of arrest, detention, and legal persecution; 35% of threats, harassment, and physical assault; and 89% of displacement cases

The full report may be downloaded here.