PAN Asia Pacific 2018 Annual Report

PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) is pleased to share its annual report for 2018.

PANAP has been at the forefront of building vibrant movements for agroecology across the region by facilitating learning exchanges, organising an international youth assembly, and coordinating a 16-day global action to advance our call for food sovereignty.

Not only have we led the monitoring and documentation of pesticides use in various countries in Asia Pacific, we also looked at the issue of corporate accountability of the agrochemical industry and have been among the keen advocates of a legally binding global treaty on Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs).

Finally, through research on human rights violations and land grabbing; international fact-finding and solidarity missions; and trainings on people’s rights and human rights work, we made our contribution to help advance the struggles of rural communities in the region against land and resource grabs.

At a time of mega-mergers of agrochemical companies; reports of a looming ecological disaster caused by insect collapse largely attributed to industrial farming; and intensifying land and resource grabs that cause greater poverty, hunger and human rights abuses, PANAP’s sustained work of building a just and pesticide-free future is as relevant and urgent as ever.

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