Land & Rights Watch 2019 Yearend Report

Killings of farmers, farm workers, indigenous people and land rights activists worsened in 2019. Perpetrators were either unidentified assailants or from state forces. This was among the findings of the Land & Rights Watch 2019 yearend report by regional advocacy group PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP), released on December 10 to mark the International Human Rights Day. 

PANAP monitored a total of 108 victims in 84 cases of killings related to land conflicts and struggles in 14 countries from January to November 2019.

For the third year in a row, the Philippines ranks as the deadliest place for farmers, farm workers, indigenous people and land rights activists, followed by Colombia and Brazil. Cases of killings accounted for more than half of the monitored land-related human rights violations.

While not exhaustive, the compiled data and information in this report help provide a glimpse of the alarming state of human rights confronted by rural communities around the world that are defending their right to land and resources.

Download here (PDF/15MB).