PANAP Annual Reports

2013-2014 PANAP Annual Report

PANAP is pleased to share its annual report for 2013-2014. We have been continuing our capacity building, focusing on rural women’s leadership.

Last year, we launched the ”Irene Fernandez Rural Women’s Leadership Training” in honour of Irene Fernandez who was instrumental in advancing rural women’s rights.

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2012 PANAP Annual Report

“My courage and leadership were strengthened.”
“I am inspired by the women’s movement!”
“There needs to be more women involved in the community, organisations and politics.”
“My self-confidence has increased!”
“The workshop has made an impact on me to the extent of thinking of creating a women’s institute.”

These were words from the rural women who participated in the pilot leadership training in July 2012 in Sri Lanka organized by PAN AP. The sharing of personal struggles, experiences, of standing up for women’s rights, being strengthened by the women’s movement was inspiring for all who participated. The learning exchanges built solidarity and renewed commitment to be a strong leader with vision, perspective and courage.

Download it here.

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