No Land, No Life!


Fight for Rights, Land and Resources!

Millions of small-scale farmers and food producers including indigenous communities in poor countries have limited access to land and resources because the land is monopolised and controlled by landlords and big corporations.

This lack of genuine land reform and neo-liberal restructuring in agricultural practices perpetuate rural poverty and hunger. It is ironic that those who suffer severe hunger are those who directly produce food. Land grabbing and resource grabbing are strife.

For instance, foreign companies are buying or leasing agricultural land in developing countries for industrial food and biofuel production. Local elites in business and politics play a central role in facilitating these deals.

Rural women are among the most affected. They experience increased poverty and  hunger  as a result of land and resource grabbing. Without land to till or agriculture to depend on, they have no food or income for their families.

Communities are now fighting back despite the harsh repercussions by the State and private security forces. Human rights atrocities become the norm in militarized rural areas where conflicts arise from land and resource grabbing.

Through coordinated action and relentless work by PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) partners, we have successfully stopped or delayed as well as exposed land and resource grabbing in local communities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

But land and resource grabbers remain determined to take away what rightfully belong to the people. We need to continue our struggle and we hope more will join us in our fight to defend land, resources and human rights.

“No Land, No Life!” is a campaign by PANAP and its partners and networks to expose and oppose the continuing and various forms of land and resource grabbing in the region. Our campaign seeks to  initiative aims to highlight and stop land and resource grabbing as a gross violation of the human rights of the people.

Our Campaign Aims

  • Highlight land and resource grabbing as human rights issues. File cases or complaints on human rights violations related to land and resource grabbing from local communities at various local and international bodies
  • Identify and highlight specific struggles of local communities on land and resources. Document and compile human rights violations related to cases of land and resource grabbing and produce materials for public information, policy lobbying, and filing of cases/complaints, among others.
  • Raise greater awareness on and generate broader support for ongoing local cases of land and resource grabbing at the international level. Organize public forums, conferences, and other activities to strategize, raise awareness and mobilize greater support against land grabbers and human rights violators
  • Coordinate and reinforce the various national campaigns against land and resource grabbing. Launch coordinated actions and initiatives in the Asia Pacific region. Enhance the capacity of local movements of peasants, indigenous peoples and other small food producers on Human Rights Advocacy through training, education and information materials, etc.
The Right to Resist Land Grabs
A short film that tells the story of land grabbing and repression faced by rural communities, and the people’s resistance.


Get together with other women’s group, farmers’ organization, or similar advocacy groups in your country. Use the following hashtag #NoLandNoLife when you tweet or share on social media about our work. Follow us on social media to find out more about our ongoing campaigns and finally, please donate generously so that together we can achieve more.

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We hope you feel as strongly as we do about small-scale farmers and their rights to land and life. If you feel outraged and want to lobby others to do the same, sign our global petition and help small-scale farmers defend and assert their land rights.

Donate generously to help fund activities and printed materials that will help spread and increase public awareness on the issue of farmers and their rights to land and resources. Thank you!

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