Children Are More Vulnerable

Compared to adults, children breathe more air, eat more food and
drink more water per unit of body weight which leads to greater exposure
in a pesticide-contaminated environment.

How Are Children Exposed To Pesticides?

Children are exposed to pesticide while they are in the womb, through their diet, homes, schools, playground and environment

In New Zealand pesticides found in baby food were nearly 530% times more than baby food in Europe.

A study fron Seattle found that children eating organic diets had 6 times lower level of pesticides (organophosphates) than children eating conventional diets.

A study from the US has found a 7 point drop in I.Q scores in children with greater prenatal exposure to pesticides than children with lesser exposure.

Pesticide Impact On Children

Acute Poisoning
Asthma, Allergies and Immune System Problems
Reproductive Disorders And Abnormalities
Obesity, Diabetes And Other Metabolic Diseases
Neurodevelopmental And Behavioral Disorders

Government regulatory processes often overlook these health impacts on children. Our recent review written by Dr. Meriel Watts reveals how pesticides are poisoning our future while calling on governments to adopt a precautionary principle our children’s health and the environment. Toxicity studies and regulatory standards, already inadequate in evaluating their full adverse impacts, are premised on adults.

Agriculture and health policies are based on myths that pesticides are necessary and that they can be safely used. However, successful agroecological non-pesticide approaches are practiced by tens of thousands of farmers across Asia. They not only lead healthier lives but they have improved livelihoods.


Together we can protect children against pesticides by making changes to what children eat and how agriculture can be grown without pesticides. Parents and teachers can urge governments and policy makers to ban and phase out toxic pesticides that are harmful to children. Help us create a pesticides free world together!

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