Publications - Agroecology In Action

Over the years,  we at PAN Asia Pacific have been researching and publishing a number of informative and useful publications. Download these publications and share them with your associates. Help our message go far and wide!
Agroecology in Action (Flyer)

Agroecology in Action is PAN Asia Pacific’s campaign to advance agroecology in the region and across the globe through movement-building, capacity-building, youth involvement and policy advocacy. Download the flyer: page1

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Realise, Resist, Reclaim

Dedicated to the people’s movements who are in the forefront of the struggle to realise their aspirations and full potential, to resist oppressive, repressive and exploitative systems and institutions. It

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Women Reclaim Our Seeds

This booklet shares women’s successful initiatives to revitalise local varieties and to celebrate women’s resilience and knowledge systems in food and agriculture production. It is to recognise women’s strengths, innovativeness

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Changing Acres: Sustainable Agriculture

Changing Acres is the publication series of PANAP’s regional study on sustainable agriculture. The study launched in February 1994, is intended for policy and strategy building to strengthen sustainable agriculture

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