Publications - Protect Our Children

Over the years,  we at PAN Asia Pacific have been researching and publishing a number of informative and useful publications. Download these publications and share them with your associates. Help our message go far and wide!
World Environment Day Posters

Date Published: June 5, 2015 Protect Our Children from Toxic Pesticides: World Environment Day Poster Children today are sicker than a generation ago. Pesticides have been linked to birth defects,

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Story of Zee the Bee

Booklet This illustrated book was released to help raise awareness about the impacts of harmful pesticides on children both at the national and regional level. We believe that children have

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How are children exposed

Postcard Children are exposed to pesticides while they are in the womb, though their diet, homes, schools, playgrounds and environment. Date Published: May 15, 2015 Download in JPG format

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