What We Do

PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) is one of five regional centres of Pesticide Action Network, a global network dedicated to the elimination of harm upon humans and the environment by pesticide use. Alongside this, it also focuses on promoting sustainable biodiversity-based ecological agriculture (BEA).

PANAP’s vision is a society that is truly democratic and culturally diverse, based on social and gender justice, fair distribution of productive resources and environmental safety and sustainability.

PANAP pursues this vision by:

  • strengthening people’s movements in their assertion of rights to land and livelihood;
  • advancing food sovereignty;
  • promoting BEA and defending the diverse Asian rice heritage;
  • resisting corporate agriculture and control over seeds;
  • protecting people and the environment from highly hazardous pesticides;
  • opposing neo-liberal globalisation that harms people’s interests; and
  • empowering rural communities, especially rural women, and building up women’s leadership in all such movements.

Community empowerment is at the core of social change. As such, PAN AP has developed strong partnerships with peasants, agricultural workers, indigenous peoples, fisher folk and other small food producers, and rural women’s movements throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Guided by and working closely with these grassroots groups, PAN AP has over time built its reputation and credibility as a regional advocacy network.

As a network, PAN AP is currently comprised of 108 partner organisations from the Asia Pacific region and has links with about 400 other regional and global civil society and grassroots organisations.

Major programmes and campaigns in recent years include:

  • Food Sovereignty and Ecological Agriculture Programme
  • Women in Agriculture Programme
  • Pesticides Programme
  • Save Our Rice Campaign
  • Information and Communications Programme