16 Days of Global Action highlights youth leadership and solidarity for Agroecology, Food Sovereignty

At least 37 groups from more than 20 countries gear up for the 16 Days of Global Action on Agroecology 2018 on 1-16 October. The 16 Days of Global Action on Agroecology is an annual campaign coordinated by PAN Asia Pacific and participated in by its partners and networks across the globe.

Now on its 4th year, the campaign focuses on the youth’s role as leaders and torchbearers of the march towards advancing agroecology and fighting for food sovereignty of peoples the world over. Their contribution is vital and needs to be supported by movements and advocates everywhere.

With the theme “Youth on the March: Building global community for Agroecology and Food Sovereignty!”  the 2018 16 Days of Global Action on Agroecology consists of a series of collective action of youth groups, farmers groups, women’s groups, movements and advocacy groups from different countries from October 1 to 16. It will culminate on 15 October (Rural Women’s Day) and 16 October (World Foodless Day) through coordinated actions and events around the globe.

The campaign aims to raise awareness on the benefits of agroecology- on food security, health, the environment, on land and resources and on the economy of food producers and rural communities.  Furthermore, it also aims to generate solidarity among the youth and other sectors to defend collective rights to land and resources and mobilise people to resist corporate agriculture, land grabbing and all forms of repressions and in advancing agroecology as alternative. Finally, the campaign aims to gather broader support and promote youth’s leadership and initiatives on food sovereignty and agroecology.

Building on the successes of its first three years, this year’s 16 Days of Global Action on Agroecology will mobilise and reach out to hundreds of thousands of people around the world trough local and national collective actions such as seed exchange and festivals, theatre performances, forums, training and demonstrations.

As it kicks off today, the campaign is already being joined by youth groups, farmers and women’s movements, advocates, among others from Asia, Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Reference: Terence Lopez, terence.lopez@panap.net


See the photos of the activities on the 16 Days of Global Action on Agroecology 2018.

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